Something’s different at Live Search!

Whew, what a busy couple of weeks it’s been. We launched our new home page back at the end of July with the goal of using a new picture each week. Then we decided to get a little crazy for the Olympics and rotate the images twice a day. About three days into the Olympics, we realized we just could not go back to one picture a week!

So a few days ago we shifted gears again. We’re now giving you a new image every day, with hotspots to help spur your imagination. Sometimes we’ll just show great pictures that we like; sometimes the images will be related to topical events, like the upcoming Labor Day holiday or NFL season kickoff.

We’ll occasionally have images from the elections, but rest assured we’ll be giving both parties equal time.

And if you don’t like the picture you see today, don’t worry – there will be a new one tomorrow!

– the Live Search Homepage team

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  1. Anonymous

    Any updates on when we can expect this rolled out in the UK?

  2. Anonymous

    Been really enjoying the pictures, and have been pleasantly surprised with the way you’ve gone about it.  Nice work.

  3. Anonymous

    I love this feature and hope you keep it up for a long time.

    Great job – this really gives Live Search a touch of class and wow’s my Google-loving co-workers when they see me searching on WLS.

    Thank you!

  4. Anonymous

    Good Job

    same with me .

    Yest my team mate Told me Live Search Homepage US Version Looking Great.

    Spl. HotSpot. sch a great concept..

    When it ill b fr indian version..??

  5. Anonymous

    I cannot log into Search and Give.  I have it set as my home page, but it freezes so I have to use another search engine.    

    I have used S&G several months without a problem, This issue has arisen in the last two or three weeks.  I have tried a cold boot.  No luck.

    Any tips on how to fix this problem would be appreciated.


  6. Anonymous

    Really nice job.

    I’m in the UK and it’s a shame we’re lacking this.

    Also, rather oddly, in the new IE8 Beta, the ‘search suggest’ that US Live Search users get in IE’s search bar (the auto-complete and search suggestion) doesn’t work (Google UK does btw), if I switch to the US Live Search then the IE8 search box works as it should.

  7. Anonymous

    Can you try and remember one thing for us. Size DOES matter!

    If we use RDP to a remote server and the search page load times get much slower remote sites will be Google and not Live…

  8. Anonymous

    Nice picture displays.

    Live knows where you want to go.

    Try it out and see.

  9. Anonymous

    I hope this changes will give great impact to my SERP. Thanks very much.

  10. Anonymous

    The new images on the live site are always very good and refreshing. Have set my defaults to US until you release this in the rest of the world.

    One note though, the image looks tiny on my 30" monitor. Any chance you could make the image adapt to the size of the browser window in the future?

  11. Anonymous

    I think this new feature is nice, but you don’t have to forget that Live Search is a search service, like the name says, and it is more important to solve the problem about thousands of page that cannot be indexed without any reason.

    You know what pages I am talking about, you just have to take a look the Webmaster forum. Thousands of pages that are correctly indexed in G and Y but aren’t in They have lot of pages linking to it, fresh and genuine content, and age but the only answer you give is that you are investigating the problem.

    I think it is a BIG problem, are you gonna solve it or you are going to work in more nice pictures for the home page… Maybe we will change our wallpapers with your home page, but we will use another search services like ones that index pages.

  12. Anonymous

    As I’m sure you’ve all heard, Google released a browser named Chrome. The thing I absolutely loved about their documentation (the comic they used to introduce it) was the way they test Chrome.

    Google uses their search engine to test their browser against the most popular websites.

    My suggestion to you? Don’t you search the web too? Help the IE guys use the same method! Contact the Internet Explorer guys NOW and get cracking!

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