Finding the "page not found"

Has this ever happened to you? You search online for information and click a promising link only to get an error page staring back at you:

Image of standard error page

These generic 404 error pages leave you stranded, with no option but to click the back button and start over, or just give up altogether — not very helpful.

We thought about this problem and realized that we had all the pieces to offer something much more useful. We could help website owners create error pages that actually suggest help even if the exact page you’re looking for isn’t available.

The Web Page Error Toolkit is a customizable Web application that extracts keywords from your search and gives you relevant search results in a custom error page.

Image of customer error page

So while you may not get the page you were originally looking for, maybe you’ll find something even better.

You can find more details, including information on how to download the Toolkit, at Customize your 404 error pages with the Web Page Error Toolkit.

Go find the page not found!

Alessandro Catorcini, Lead PM for the Live Search API, and Amy Michaels, Group Product Manager for Live Search

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