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We’ve just released the latest updates to our browser-based mobile search at One of our major efforts was to bring the power of product search to the convenience of a mobile phone. Think about how much time people spend shopping in brick-and-mortar stores — without the ability to do the product research they’re accustomed to from their PCs.

We took the great product search features from Live Search and made them easy to use on your mobile phone.

You’ll see a list of popular products, user ratings, and price comparisons from online stores.

Image of Mobile Live Search Products

You can also research products by reading a detailed overview or consumer reviews.

Image of Mobile Live Search product overview

We even include feature ratings that are created by extracting the key elements of user reviews from across the Web.

Image of Mobile Live Search feature ratings

Now the next time a consumer electronics device catches your eye in a store, you’ll be able to get the detailed rundown on its performance, read the consensus wisdom of the Web, compare it with similar products, and even make sure it’s being offered for a good price — all before you make that impulse buy. Now you can spend wisely, wherever you are.

Image of Mobile Live Search price comparisons

Another of our favorite features this release was developed specifically for our friends abroad — those in the United Kingdom and Japan. Searching for nearby businesses is one of the most popular and most valued types of mobile search today. But most existing browser-based search services require the user to first type in their location — easy if you’re always in the same place, but a chore when you’re out and about, and a real challenge if you don’t know exactly where you are.

With this new feature, users can simply click Find my Location, and their location will be set based on their proximity to cellular towers. Then they can get the most relevant nearby results for all their searches.

Image of Mobile Live Search location finder

Let us know what you think! You can send feedback to

The Live Search Mobile team

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  1. Anonymous


    I’m in the UK but I don’t have the ‘Find my location’ feature available to me. I have "Set my location" but that’s not the same.

    Any ideas?

    How does it determine that I am in the UK?



  2. Anonymous

    Sweet, the feature is working fine over here. One question though. How are you going to list all the companies who offer the product? For a popular product like the Canon SLR cameras hundreds of stores offer the product.

  3. Anonymous


    I’ve got vodafone and O2 mobiles and I can see the "Find My Location" link.  It works really great in Manchester!!

    I think it only works if you’re on either O2, orange, voda or tmobile networks.  I guess you might have some issues with Vodafone because of their novarra gateway.

    Which network you’re on?


  4. Anonymous

    Hey Kevin,

    Yeah, I’m on Voda. That’s damned annoying.

    I’ll try it again at lunchtime. I’m in a basement at the moment!


  5. Anonymous

    This is awesome – makes buying products in stores and comparing prices a little easier.  Thanks

  6. Anonymous


     Currently, we can find your location only if you are on "Vodafone", "O2", "Orange" or "T-Mobile" networks in UK. If we are unable to find your location for any reason, please send email to "" with following details.

    – phone model

    – Carrier Network

    – Approximate location

    Windows Live Search For Mobile

  7. Anonymous


    I’ll do that. Thank you very much.


  8. Anonymous

    The product search feature is not working in the UK nor in Norway at present. When making an announcement, the least you could do is specify where the new features will work, or say that they are being rolled out gradually.

  9. Anonymous

    Feature is still not working in the UK, until it is fixed we can give you some feedback. In te future please check that features are working before put online.

  10. Anonymous


     Product feature is available only in US. "Find" my location feature is available only in UK and Japan market.

    – Windows Live Search for Mobile

  11. Anonymous

    In Italy is still unknown by common users of the Web, we need a little publicity.

  12. Anonymous

    the name xrank believe that away from the real purpose of the project …

  13. Anonymous

    the name xrank believe that away from the real purpose of the project …

  14. Anonymous


    Can i use the feature on my phone, i am in China? Or it is only limited in USA or UK?

  15. Anonymous


     We do support non-US markets like France, Italy and some western european countries with different sets of features. For China, we recently released Transit Routing feature. We continue to expand coverage of all features to non-US markets. We sincerely request you to use our service by pointing your phone’s browser to and give us feedback to the alias mentioned earlier in this blog.

    – Windows Live Search For Mobile

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