Subscribe to MSN Search Feeds with MyMSN

While the My MSN content directoryhas an amazing diversity of RSS providers, we don’t yet have easy integration with Search RSS feeds.  It’s coming, but in the meantime, we’ve created some bookmarklets to easily subscribe to your favorite search terms at My MSN.

To subscribe to a search right now, you can just click the links below.  To save, and add new searches as you need them, just copy the bookmarklets to your Favorites or Bookmarks (either by right-clicking or by dragging them to your Links toolbar). They use JavaScript to redirect your browser to the My MSN RSS subscription page, after prompting you for a query. They will work for both IE and Firefox. If you are still uncertain what this is or how to use it check out the Help Section. As a bonus, I’ve added links that crank up the popularity and freshness attributes.  Subscribe to all three for your favorite searches!

Subscribe to MSN Search RSS on My MSN.

Popularity  – subscribe to MSN Search RSS on My MSN.

Freshness – subscribe to MSN Search RSS on My MSN.

We’ve had sporadic issues with these links working if you’re not logged into when you click them.  Re-trying the link after logging in has solved this problem in every case.

Andy Edmonds
Relevance Data Analyst, Program Management  

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