Anti-Virus Notifications

We’ve gotten reports via email, newsgroups and in our comments about folks getting anti-virus notifications while running MSN Desktop Search.  This is caused because we write email & attachments to a temporary directory during the indexing process.  There isn’t a security or virus threat since after we are done indexing the item we delete it, but anti-virus apps notice the temp files and throw a warning notification.  We have a fix for this and are testing it right now for an update to the beta.


We are also fixing little things like clearing text after performing searches from the Deskbar and will let everyone know when we have the refresh ready here and on our website! 


While I’ve got your attention, THANK YOU!  The amount of user interest and community participation has been incredible.  Love the feedback on the Wiki and are impressed by Ben’s ifilters!


– Bubba

Program Manager


PS  CES was a blast!  It was a fantastic chance to meet users and demo the Toolbar Suite at the MSN booth.  Thanks to everyone who stopped by to say hello and give us some feedback!

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