RSS Feeds for Search Results

We’ve been experimenting with RSS Search results on our live servers and we’ve been found out by Greg Linden, Gary Price & many others.  Good job guys! :-)

This is an experimental alpha feature that is still under development. Since this is an experiment, be aware that we will be changing it and making it better. We are planning to keep the feeds up during the experiment, but will not if they are abused.  Use them from your RSS readers, but please don’t recreate our search engine with them. But don’t get me wrong – this is a service we want to provide and make great. Tell us how we can make it better. What should we add? An orange button? What should we subtract? We’ve created a wiki page, and we’ll be watching your blogs and comments for your suggestions.

I’m sure most of already know how to find this feature, but just in case here are some step-by-step instructions:
– run your web or news search on the MSN Search Beta
– add the text ‘&format=rss’ to the url
– copy the full url into your RSS Reader.

Here is a sample web search url:

Here is a sample news search url:

— Brady Forrest, PM


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