New Intelligence Services That Make Bot Building Easier

In December, 2016 we announced the release of several new intelligence services for use with the Microsoft Bot Framework. Microsoft Cognitive Services QnA Maker, and the Bing Location Control were among those introduced. Both were created by the same engineers that work on Bing relevance, ranking, and the geo-spatial maps service. Below are a few details about each:
QnA Maker Service

The free preview of Microsoft Cognitive Services QnA Maker is an easy-to-use, REST API- and web-based service that trains AI to respond to users’ questions in a conversational way. QnA Maker works in three steps: extraction, training, and publishing. Bot Makers determine the source of their knowledge base content and, by extracting semi-structured data in the form of questions and answers in an FAQ document or webpage, the QnA Maker Service can create a knowledge base within a matter of minutes.
Read the full post on the Bing Developer blog.
Bing Location Control

The open source Bing Location Control for Bot Framework allows bot developers to easily and reliably get the user’s desired location within a conversation using Bing Maps API. The control is available in C# and Node.js and works consistently across all messaging channels supported by Bot Framework. All this is done with a few lines of code.
Read the full post on the Bing Developer blog.
Bing AI tools for developers make building great conversational experiences that much easier.
To learn about our other tools and services, go to the  Microsoft Cognitive Services and Bot Framework websites. As part of our mission to democratize AI, we continue to work with partners to build more engaging experiences together. If you want to partner with us, send us an email at

- The Bing Team