Bing Maps Android and iOS SDK V1 Ready for Production

Earlier this year we announced the Bing Maps SDK for Android and iOS Public preview and embarked on a journey to bring our native maps to mobile apps. We are excited to announce that the preview is over and version 1.0 is here. Now Bing Maps SDK for Android and iOS is ready for your production applications. We’d like to offer a big thanks to those who participated in our Public Preview!

Bing Maps Android and iOS SDK

Since preview started the team has added numerous features, increased loading performance by over 40%, and optimized the API structure and stability. On the topic of API structure and stability, you will find a few differences in Version 1.0 when compared to the 0.X previews. We believe these changes improve both the code health and the developer experience. You can learn more about the technical changes here.

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Happy Mapping!

- The Bing Maps Team