Bing Maps Imagery Release, February 2010 (Part 2)

Last month we pushed out our largest amount of new imagery EVER in terms of square kilometers. This month, we’re blowing THAT record out of the water. You thought 1 million+ sq. km. was large? How about 6.7 million square kilometers! It’s pretty much unfathomable. The big winners? Aerial: The Russian Federation, Australia, Mexico and most places in the US where we had black and white imagery. Bird’s Eye: Sweden. Deets:


Australia    524,645 sq. km.
Botswana    61,433 sq. km.
Estonia    618 sq. km.
Hungary    3,369 sq. km.
Mexico    236,624 sq. km.
Morocco    13,303 sq. km.
Namibia    72,162 sq. km.
New Zealand    14,987 sq. km.
Poland    6,254 sq. km.
Romania    3,695 sq. km.
Russian Federation    553,244 sq. km.
South Africa    123,138 sq. km.
Turkey    16,148 sq. km.
United Kingdom    15,221 sq. km.
United States    4,961,758 sq. km.

Oblique (Bird’s Eye)

Austria    238 sq. km.
Belgium    898 sq. km.
Denmark    718 sq. km.
Finland    1,634 sq. km.
France    2,001 sq. km.
Greece    931 sq. km.
Ireland    1,340 sq. km.
Netherlands    1,709 sq. km.
Norway    2,425 sq. km.
Portugal    2,184 sq. km.
Romania    1,534 sq. km.
Spain    5,143 sq. km.
Sweden    6,747 sq. km.
Switzerland    424 sq. km.
United Kingdom    13,094 sq. km.
United States    56,007 sq. km.

Check out the Bing Maps World Tour for visuals. Also, Johannes has a sweet application for viewing imagery based on shape files. Niiiice.

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