Bing Maps for WordPress Bloggers

Got a WordPress blog? Want to map out some information for your blog readers? Rich Gubby (@mobilewebjunkie) felt the need and wanted Bing Maps to do it. He took it a step further and created a WordPress plugin that allows for super simple configuration of a Bing Map that you can easily insert into your blog. Bing Maps for WordPress allows you to create maps easily with a [bingMap] shortcode in your posts. You don’t have to worry about how the maps are displayed, the plugin takes care of that. You can create dynamic maps that allow your visitors to pan and zoom, or static maps that don’t have those features. You can create Road maps, Aerial views, Aerial views with roads marked on them, or even a 3D Birdseye view.

screenshot-1.png screenshot-2.png

There’s a short code to configure the map. After you’ve added the plugin extension, just using [bingMap] in a post you can configure the short code to have a Bing Map on your blog. You can control the location the map is centered on (no lat/lons required!); the map’s type, height and width; a map title; a type (static or dynamic); the zoom level and specify pushpins to be placed on the map. Using all the attributes your Bing Maps short code would look something like this:

[bingMap location=”Seattle, WA” width=”250” height”=”250” title=”Bing Maps Rocks” type=”dynamic” maptype=”AerialWithLabels” zoom=”15” pp1=”Seattle, WA”]

Note: you will need a Bing Maps Key; but, hey, they’re free! If you’re a blogger, love maps and especially love Bing Maps this plug in is for you! Get sign up for a free Bing Maps Key (you will need a Windows Live ID [also free]). More information about the plugin is found on the WordPress Bing Maps plugin page.

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