55 countries with Real Time Traffic in Bing Maps

The Bing Maps team is happy to announce the real-time traffic flow data is now available in 55 countries. Bing Maps uses traffic flow data in two ways. The first is to provide real-time and predictive route calculations. The second method is a traffic overlay of color coded roads on the map to indicate the real-time flow of traffic. All of the interactive Bing Maps controls provide an option to overlay real-time traffic flow data on top of the map. The Bing Maps Version 8 Web Control (v8) provides this functionality through the Traffic module.

Bing Maps Traffic Flow Coverage

Point based traffic incident data such as car accidents and construction is available in 35 countries. In addition to accessing traffic incident data though the interactive Bing Maps controls, this data can also be accessed directly Bing Maps REST Services Traffic API, and through the Traffic Data Source in the Bing Spatial Data Services.

Bing Maps Traffic Incident Coverage

A complete list of countries in which traffic data is available can be found here.

If you have any questions or feedback about Bing Maps, please let us know on the Bing Maps forums or visit the Bing Maps website to learn more about the Bing Maps platform.

- Bing Maps Team

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