Four New Bing Maps Web Control Modules

**** Updated March 2023 ****
By Ricky Brundritt, EMEA Bing Maps Technology Solution Professional

The purpose of The Bing Maps Interactive SDK & are to create both a place where developers can find and try useful modules that expand the functionality of the Bing Maps V8 API. Currently, there have been 10 modules submitted to the project. With a number of new modules in development, it’s safe to say that this project is definitely worth looking into. Today I would like to highlight the four newest modules added to this project.

Point Based Clustering

See Clustering samples here

This module was created based on feedback received around the previous Client Side Clustering Module. The older client side clustering module uses a grid based algorithm which is fast, but requires re-clustering the data every time the map moved. This allows for 5000+ pushpins to be clustered in a fraction of a second but often results in pushpins jumping around the map as you pan. The point based algorithm prevents pushpins from overlapping and jumping around by only clustering the data when the zoom level changes. Additionally this module keeps track of clustered information for each zoom level, making the algorithm faster the more you use it. This improved UI experience does affect performance and as such this algorithm is recommended for 2000 or less pushpins. Interested in reading more about how this algorithm was created? Check out this blog post.

GPX Parser

See GPX Parser samples here

This module allows you to easily pass in a URL to a GPX file and have it parsed into an EntityCollection which you can then render on Bing Maps. GPX is a type of XML file that is commonly used by GPS devices. It can be used to describe waypoints, tracks, and routes. Majority of the XML tags for V1 and V1.1 of the GPX schema are supported and all data is stored in a Metadata property, which is added to each entity.

Route Visualization & Optimization  

See Route samples here & find out more Developer Solutions for Vehicle Routing Problems. 

In today’s economy, it is more important than ever that companies optimize and manage their supply chains more efficiently. Given today’s fuel costs, product delivery with high quality of service and short delay times is paramount. Distribution accounts for a large proportion of the overall operational costs of a producer. Hence, effective and efficient management of transportation and distribution of goods are becoming increasingly important.

One of the key problems in this process is the optimization of delivery routes to customers. This problem is known as the “Travelling Salesman Problem” (TSP). Bing Maps offers both Distance Matrix API and Multi-Itinerary Optimization (MIO) API to solve this problem.

Information Box

See Infobox samples here

The Bing Maps Web control now has support to pop-up whatever information you want to provide for a given co-ordinate or other map event. The infobox module adds a small bubble within the map that will be placed such that it stays within that confines of the map window if possible. This module opens up any kind of interactive information presentation by location scenario you can imagine!

 I hope you find these new features very useful!