Microsoft and IDV Solutions Present a Webcast on Visualizing Physical Security and Public Safety with Visual Command Center

Join Microsoft Global Security and IDV Solutions (Everbridge) for an informative presentation and demonstration of Visual Command Center – innovative software that is helping federal agencies and the armed forces protect people, property, and assets.

Everbridge Command Center with Bing Maps

The Department of Homeland Security, Department of Justice, SPAWAR, Army Corps of Engineers, and other agencies and commands are using Microsoft Maps and Everbridge technology for a variety physical security and public safety missions such as:

• Incident Response
• Executive/Personnel Protection
• Asset Tracking
• Disaster Recovery
• Emergency Management
• Interagency Collaboration
• Border Protection


Security Experts from Microsoft Global Security

Security experts from Microsoft and IDV Solutions will be demonstrating how Microsoft Global Security empowers its security workers to respond quickly to incidents by consolidating security data in a solution built with IDV Solutions software. Microsoft Global Security is responsible for the safety and security of 700 offices and thousands of employees.

Everbridge helps agencies, public safety organizations, and others understand the threats that could impact people or assets by integrating real-time information from data feeds and multiple security systems within the context of location and time.

Visual Command Center works with existing security systems so that agencies and military commands can get the most out of current equipment and team. Feature rich, Visual Command Center gives security teams everything they need to visualize and interrogate the information that is most important to the team.

•  Rapid Floor Plan Integration
•  E-mail Alerts Based on Geography
•  Security Data Pack
•  Process Documentation Management
•  Spatial and Temporal Querying
•  Live Weather and Traffic Reports
•  Built-in, Ready-to-Use Web Feeds
•  Integrated, Mobile Access with Fetch!

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