Integrating Bing Maps With WPF

Back in August, Chris Pendleton announced the Beta for our Bing Maps WPF control. Today, Bing Maps moves beyond our prior offerings to the new native WPF Control, which enables you to build interactive tools for visualizing geographical data on the desktop.

“The two main alternatives to Bing Maps with WPF are Bing Maps in a Web application and Bing Maps REST services. I’ve used — and like — all three approaches, but I really like Bing Maps with WPF. It gives you the combined power of Bing Maps and the WPF programming model, with the convenience of the C# language.

I’ve found Bing Maps with WPF especially useful when I have to deal with very large data sets. In those scenarios, Bing Maps with WPF was much faster than Web-based alternatives, and it allowed me to effectively handle SQL databases with millions of records, and to display thousands of data points in real time.”

Dr. James McCaffrey as quoted in [Visual Studio Magazine] [04.01.2012]

To find out more, check out the Feature Article: Integrating Bing Maps With WPF written by James in Visual Studio Magazine.

A BIG thank you to James for his contributions!! See what James is up to on his personal blog.

Dr. James McCaffrey Works for Volt Information Sciences Inc., where he manages technical training for software engineers working at the Microsoft Redmond, Wash., campus.

– The Bing Maps Team