SkyLite Systems Delivers a Location-aware Map App to the LMCC

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SkyLite Systems is an award-winning Microsoft partner focused on delivering commercial and custom solutions built around SharePoint and Office 365. Presented with the challenge to develop an agile solution for the Labor Management Compliance Council (LMCC) to complement their SharePoint Case Management tool, SkyLite Systems leveraged Office 365 and Bing Maps to deliver a robust, cost-effective and location-aware mobile map app.

Easy case management

Creating an effective solution for the LMCC meant that developers would be facing a challenge on two fronts: creating an app that’s easy for the layman to use while still being robust on the backend, and ready to perform a variety of compliance functions. SkyLite Systems used Bing Maps PowerApps connectors to allow the map-aware app to fetch latitude and longitude information - this allows users to quickly view case files created near their location.

Bing Maps API allowed developers a smoother learning curve in developing location-aware map features for mobile devices. In-built functionality with other Windows apps like SharePoint, Excel, and Power BI went a long way in adding useful new case management features.
Along with map-aware features, the app also boasts intelligent case management functionality. The PowerApps connector lets developers build in dropdown menus linked to images and libraries stored on SharePoint Doc for a truly seamless location-aware app experience.

Boosting efficiency

When asked about how Bing Maps API helped create the ideal labor compliance app for the LMCC, SkyLite Systems commented on the ease of integration with other Windows apps, ease of development and more. 

“Low cost, speed of development, deep integration with PowerApps, Flow and Office 365, quality of results and capability.”

From accurate and intelligent routing solutions to intuitive isochrone calculations, Bing Maps API is helping a range of industries evolve through mapping.

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- Bing Maps Team