China Mobile International’s JegoTrip app increases travel safety with Bing Maps

China Mobile International caters to the needs of the millions of Chinese citizens who travel internationally each year. As part of its ongoing goal to better serve its customers, the company is creating a one-stop tourism platform within its JegoTrip app that delivers smarter and safer travel guidance. To achieve this, the app is powered by multiple Bing Maps APIs like the Multi-Itinerary Optimization API, Distance Matrix API, and the Isochrone API.

JegoTrip offers users all of the core services traditionally provided by a travel agent or concierge, and as COVID-19 spread across the world, travel safety is becoming more important than ever. With that, JegoTrip uses Bing Maps to incorporate a live COVID-19 map tracker and travel safety information along with a personalized itinerary planner and real-time local transportation data.

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- Bing Maps Team