LinkedIn Uses Bing Maps to Calculate the Commute to Your Dream Job

Finding your dream job can take effort, but LinkedIn has made it easier with cutting-edge mapping features. A survey of LinkedIn members uncovered that potential commute time is high on the list of factors when considering a role. With the help of Bing Maps APIs, the LinkedIn team developed map features like “Your Commute” bringing location intelligence to bear on the job hunt.

Location-aware job hunting

The “Your Commute” feature sprang from the awareness that commutes are becoming an increasingly larger consideration in a world where work-from-home is becoming the norm. The team recognized that living in the same city as a job listing doesn’t necessarily equate to a short commute. As it turns out, the solution for the LinkedIn team lay with Bing Maps API’s location intelligence.

The developers used the Autosuggest API to allow both recruiters and job hunters to focus their search experience with immediate and relevant address suggestions. Similarly, the Location API added geocoding functionality, enabling address fetching using coordinates and vice versa. This mapping information ultimately translated into a smoother job hunting experience for LinkedIn users.

Visualizing commutes

Incorporating smart geocoding and quality of life features such as Autosuggest was only half of the task. The team also had to come up with a way to visualize the commute via an in-app map for LinkedIn users. To meet this need, the team used Bing Maps Isochrone API to calculate travel times and visualize them on a map, while also incorporating location-aware features like predictive traffic.


LinkedIn map showing job commute

Read the full story to learn how LinkedIn uses Bing Maps Isochrone API, Bing Maps Autosuggest API, and Bing Maps Locations API to help its members find the right job.

- Bing Maps Team

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