More Bird's Eye imagery has been released and static maps API support added!

Since our blog post in July highlighting new Bird’s Eye imagery, we’ve released more of our high resolution oblique 45-degree angle aerial Bird’s Eye imagery and just want to make sure you’re aware of this continued imagery expansion. The recent release of new Bird’s Eye over the last few months represents approximately 50,000 square kilometers of new Bird’s Eye imagery spanning 70 cities in the United States.

While Bird’s Eye has always been available in the Bing Maps Web Control and via direct tile access in the Bing Maps REST Get Imagery Metadata API, we’re excited to announce we now make this imagery available as static maps in the Bing Maps REST Get a Static Map API. The Bing Maps team is committed to making maps and imagery accessible through a variety of methods so you can deliver it to your users in easy and compelling ways.

Here are some great examples of the recent Bird’s Eye imagery that has been released to Bing Maps:

Coit Tower, San Francisco, CA
Coit Tower, San Francisco, CA, on Bing Maps -

Lambeau Field, Green Bay, WILambeau Field, Green Bay, WI, on Bing Maps -

Montana State Capitol Building, Helena, MTMontana State Capitol Building, Helena, MT on Bing Maps -

William J. Clinton National Library, Little Rock, ARWilliam J. Clinton National Library, Little Rock, AR on Bing Maps -

Microsoft Commons, Redmond, WAMicrosoft Commons, Redmond, WA on Bing Maps -

Cities and areas of interest that have recently been updated with new Bird’s Eye imagery:

Ashland, OR Greece, NY Olympia, WA
Bellevue, WA Green Bay, WI Outer Banks, NC 
Benton, AR Greenville, SC Oxnard, CA
Berkeley, CA Hayward, CA  Provo, UT
Billings, MT Hartford, CT Redmond, WA
Birmingham, AL Helena, MT Richmond, VA
Brick, NJ Hollywood, CA Rochester, NY
Cabot, AR Homestead, FL San Francisco, CA
Canandaigua, NY Huntington Beach, CA Santa Barbara, CA
Clearwater, FL Lake Stevens, WA Snoqualmie, WA
Cheyenne, WY Inglewood, CA Seattle, WA
Cincinnati, OH Lake Stevens, WA Snoqualmie, WA
Clearwater, FL Leeds, AL South Hill, WA
Compton, CA Lexington, KY Spokane, WA
Corcoran, MN Lincoln, NE Springfield, MO
Dayton, OH Lithonia, GA Staten Island, NY
Douglasville, GA Little Rock, AR Tacoma, WA
Enumclaw, WA Marietta, GA Toledo, OH
Eugene, OR Milton, GA Waterbury, CT
Everett, WA Minneapolis, MN Whittier, CA
Fairburn, GA Monroe, WA Woodstock, GA
Fort Lonesome, FL New Brunswick, NJ Yakima, WA
Framingham, MA North Little Rock, AR
Frankfurt, KY Ogden, UT

More Bird’s Eye imagery will continue to be released over the coming months, so please check back soon for further updates.

- Bing Maps Team