Plan your next trip – Start a new itinerary on Bing today

*** Update July 2023 Try the new Microsoft Bing Travel experience to get new itineraries ***

This summer we announced the ability to customize Bing itineraries to make them your own, but we know that sometimes it’s nice to start from a clean slate when planning the perfect trip.  Now you can!

To check it out, open My Places in Bing Maps and choose “New Itinerary” from the Itineraries tab. 

Bing enter new Itinerary

Next, choose your destination, set your dates if you already know them, and then you’re ready to get started!

New Itinerary

Now you are ready to add attractions, restaurants, hotels, and more to your itinerary. Click on the “Find attractions” button to see some of the most popular things to do in your destination, or just search for what you are looking for on the map and click “Add to itinerary”.

My Places

My Places isn't the only way to get started, you can also start a new itinerary anywhere you see the save option on the map.

Yellowstone National Park

Happy travels and check back soon, we’ve got more updates coming.  If you have suggestions or feedback, share them using the Feedback link on the Bing Maps page. Itineraries on Bing Maps is only available for US and UK users at this time. 

- The Bing Team