Microsoft Ignite 2018 Bing Maps APIs session recordings now available

The Bing Maps team was in Orlando, Florida, September 24th through the 28th for Microsoft Ignite 2018If you were not able to attend the event, the session recordings are now available for viewing on

Microsoft Bing Maps APIs - Solutions Built for the Enterprise

Session synopsis: The Microsoft Bing Maps APIs platform provides mapping services for the enterprise, with advanced data visualization, website and mobile application solutions, fleet and logistics management and more. In this session, we’ll provide an overview of the Bing Maps APIs platform (what it is and what’s new) and how it can add value to your business solution.

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Cost effective, productivity solutions with fleet management tools from Microsoft Bing Maps APIs
Session synopsis: The Bing Maps API platform includes advanced fleet and asset management solutions, such as the Distance Matrix, Truck Routing, Isochrone, and Snap-to-Road APIs that can help your business reduce costs and increase productivity. Come learn more about our fleet management solutions as well as see a short demo on how you can quickly set up and deploy a fleet tracking solution.

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For more information about the Bing Maps Platform, go to

- Bing Maps Team