Inogic: Improving business processes with location intelligence

Microsoft ISV Partner, Inogic, specializes in developing solutions integrated with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Their mapping solution and flagship product, Maplytics™, is powered by Bing Maps and allows users to plot, visualize and analyze Dynamics CRM data on a map. In addition to analytics features, such as heat maps and territory management, Maplytics also includes radius search and route planning capabilities. In May 2017 it passed the rigorous guidelines for certification and has earned the Certified by Microsoft Dynamics (CfMD) distinction.

"Maplytics is one of the first mapping apps that is a Certified for Microsoft Dynamics solutions and a popular App on Microsoft AppSource offering a seamless integration between Bing Maps and Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement. Bing Maps is a perfect fit for Maplytics with respect to cost and functionality,” said Roohi Shaikh, CEO of Inogic and a Business Solutions MVP.

Below is Q&A with the Inogic team about how they are using mapping in Maplytics and why they have chosen Bing Maps:

How do you use Bing Maps in your solution?

Maplytics utilizes the power of Bing Maps to help businesses around the world plot, plan and analyze Microsoft Dynamics CRM data on a rich and interactive map interface within Dynamics 365.


Maplytics employs geocoding powered by Bing Maps to extract geographic location from the address data. Geocoding Dynamics 365 data with Maplytics helps to visualize enterprise data on a map and get actionable insights about existing and potential customers for better business decisions.

Companies across diverse industry verticals save money with Maplytics by getting the most efficient & optimized routes for field visits for their Sales and Service teams. The seamless integration of Bing Maps with Dynamics 365 empowers Field Sales and Service Reps to handle multiple appointments with the multi-stop Appointment Planner in Maplytics. Also, Live Traffic updates from Bing Maps ensures that they do not miss any important meetings.

Sales and Service professionals efficiently utilize their time in case of canceled appointments by finding the nearby customers with Proximity Search in Maplytics. Sales Reps can schedule an impromptu meeting and quickly find nearby Coffee Shops, Restaurants, Gas Stations and more with the Point of Interest Search in Maplytics. Points of Interest utilizes the large database of POI identified in Bing Maps.

Enterprises use Maplytics to map and analyze big data for easy and efficient territory management. Maplytics utilizes the Heat Maps in Bing Maps to provide businesses with enhanced data analytics for Dynamics 365 data to spot patterns and identify trends enabling impactful business decisions.

Maplytics - Active Regions Map

What are some of the benefits you and your clients are seeing?

Location Intelligence has allowed our clients to improve and make the business processes more efficient using the integration between Bing Maps and Dynamics 365 with Maplytics.

Some of the benefits our Clients have experienced by implementing Maplytics in their enterprise are:

  • Location insights about Customer location on a map within Dynamics 365 have empowered Sales, Service and Marketing Teams to strategize and streamline their efforts to enhance their overall performance and reach the right customer, wherever they might be.
  • With the ability to plan and manage upcoming meetings and quickly schedule impromptu meetings in case of cancellation of appointments, Field Sales and Service Reps experience better efficiency and time management.
  • Customer Service experience has improved, as the organizations are now able to reach the Customers at the right time and the right place.
  • Sales Managers can now manage their sales territories effectively and get better Sales Performance.
  • Managers, CXOs can now utilize the location intelligence powered by Maplytics to get the bigger picture and make better and accurate business decisions.

Why Bing Maps?

Maplytics runs natively within Microsoft Dynamics 365 and integration with Bing Maps provides a consistent and seamless user experience. With prompt support, a growing community, and frequent release cadence, Bing Maps enabled Maplytics to redefine location intelligence within Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Below are a few of the benefits we experienced with Bing Maps:

  • Rich and interactive map interface
  • Seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 with a consistent user experience and Microsoft technologies support
  • Enhanced Visualization modules like Heat Maps, Data Layer, Drawing, Clustering
  • Robust Services modules for Directions, Traffic, Search, and Autosuggest
  • Powerful Spatial Data Services with GeoData and Query APIs to locate and map Customers based on location or region
  • Modular Framework with prompt support and an interactive and helpful community

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- Bing Maps Team