Bing Maps now provides coverage of more than 3000 transit agencies

Last week, you may have made some Earth Day resolutions such as having a greener commute. If so, we would like to help to keep your commitment by reviewing your transportation options. With coverage of more than 3000 transit agencies across 30 countries, Bing Maps can help you to plan your daily commute, or schedule your next vacation.

In this Blog post we want to show the extent of our transit coverage.

North America

Density of transit stops coverage in North America

Bing Maps Transit coverage in North America

In North America, Bing can help you to find your commute options in all major metros. We provide routes for 375 cities in the US and 59 in Canada; and we are adding new cities every week.

Maybe you’re looking for something more exciting than your daily commute. With support for cross-country trips with Amtrak and other regional bus or ferry providers in the U.S., we can help you to plan your next vacation.

Using Bing Maps, you can plan your next getaway on one of the of the iconic Amtrak trains, such as the Empire Builder from Chicago to Seattle and enjoy a two day, one-of-a-kind journey. And when in Seattle, why not continue your journey to Victoria in British Colombia which is just a ferry ride away from downtown and offers breathtaking views on the Puget Sound?


Bing Maps Transit coverage in Europe

Bing Maps Transit coverage in Europe

We also keep expanding our coverage in Europe. After we added national coverage in the UK for the London 2012 Olympics, we continued with national coverage in other countries such as Estonia, Ireland, The Netherlands, Sweden, and Switzerland. In the rest of Europe, we’re adding cities and regions regularly. Some of our latest additions include for example Metz in France, Verona and Pisa in Italy.
Lot of this data is brought to the community by Open Data initiatives. These initiatives help promote public transportation by making it more discoverable and, as a result, we can provide you with multi-modal and multi-agency options using various local, regional, or national transit operators.

The Rest of the World

Bing Map Transit Coverage

Bing Map Transit Coverage

In Asia, we have national coverage for Japan and also provide transit in mainland China (through Bing Maps China) and the whole island of Taiwan.

To the south, we also have quite a large coverage of Australia with the addition this week of the state of Victoria.

We’ve also got national coverage in Israel, which is a good thing since some of our co-workers use transit every day.  In Africa and South America, we continue to extend our transit coverage.

For detailed coverage info, you can see the list of supported transit agencies on MSDN.

If you work at or represent a transit agency and want to share your data, we want to hear from you! Don’t hesitate to contact us so we can publish your transit data to Bing Maps and then promote the use of public transportation.

Jean-Sébastien Brunner, Senior Program Manager – Bing Maps

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