Bing Spatial Data Services Meets 3D

At //build 2014 there were many exciting announcements. It would have been easy to miss one of the implications of the moment of glory for Internet Explorer 11 during the keynote on day 1. The demo of the new FishGL website gave a hint about the enhanced support for WebGL in IE11 and, while I find fish quite yummy, I was more intrigued about what it means for mapping. After installing the Windows 8.1 Update, I quickly checked on Cesium, a free and open source map control that uses by default Bing Maps imagery and the Bing Maps geocoder. With this release of IE11 you can now take advantage of the latest and greatest in the Cesium control. In this quick tutorial we will visualize data stored in the Bing Spatial Data Services (SDS) through the Cesium map control in 3D… READ MORE

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