How to Create Custom Shapes in Windows Store Apps (C#)

In the Bing Maps SDK for Windows Store Apps there are five main types of data that you can add to the map: Pushpin, MapPolyline, MapPolygon, MapTileLayer, and UIElements. UIElements can be added to the map just like pushpins and are a great way to create custom shapes to the map.  In this blog post we will see how we can make use of the ability to add a UIElement to the map to create custom shapes that have a lot more customization options. The main shapes we will focus on are the MapPolyline and MapPolygon classes. The MapPolyline class lets you set the width and color of the line, the MapPolygon class only lets you set the fill color. If you have used any of the other Bing Maps SDK’s you may remember that there were a lot more options in other versions, such as being able to create dashed lines, and apply brushes to shapes instead of just colors.  READ MORE

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