Moore Tornado App with High-Res Before/After Imagery

Our hearts go out to all the people affected by the tornadoes that recently struck the Midwest. We ask everyone to please consider supporting the disaster response and relief efforts. Here are a couple of ways you can donate:

It’s really sobering to look at how destructive an EF-5 tornado can be, and adds perspective to the impact a disaster like this has on a city and its residents.

As such, we’ve developed the Moore Tornado Map App that allows people to toggle between high-resolution aerial imagery of Moore, Oklahoma before and after the May 20thstorm. All disasters are tragic, no matter the size – we chose to focus on this one because of its magnitude and our possession of relevant imagery.

The striking imagery of the town was captured by satellite 48 hours after the event at 50cm resolution. This type of imagery can be used to help authorities assess damage and plan for rebuilding the town of Moore.

Below is just an example of what the powerful storm left behind:

Moore, Oklahoma


Moore, Oklahoma


Again, please consider supporting the disaster response and relief efforts through one of the below channels:

– The Bing Maps Team

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