New Top of the World and High Resolution Satellite Imagery

We are excited to introduce our new top of the world imagery – which includes bathymetry data from Scripps Institution of Oceanography. We are also releasing over 13 million sq km of updated satellite imagery!


satellite Satellite
High-Resolution Nadir or "Straight Down" orthophotos taken by aircraft or satellite


We are pleased to present our new seamless base satellite imagery provided by TerraColor. This imagery has a resolution of 15 meters per pixel, providing coverage of the entire world!

This new imagery will enhance overall viewer experience with Bing Maps and the Windows 8 Maps App. Experience it yourself by visiting the Windows 8 Maps App or Bing Maps. The new Top of the World imagery (pictured above) is visible from zoom levels 1-13. Zooming in deeper will reveal our high resolution satellite imagery.


Cloud Coverage

Our new base satellite layer is analyzed and processed to provide views with reduced cloud cover in areas notorious for persistent cloud cover such as high latitude and equatorial regions. More detail is now visible in these once problematic areas, as seen in this island example!


    Oahu, Hawaii Before

Oahu, Hawaii After

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Bathymetric Shading

In addition to reduced cloud coverage, we now have bathymetric imagery! The topography of the ocean floor is represented by color shading (dark blues to light blues) indicating changes in ocean depth. An ocean mask minimizes areas typically obscured by ice and clouds. The combination of the ocean mask and bathymetric imagery provides a more meaningful view of the world oceans.


         Fiji Before

Fiji After

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beforewestfiji275x250 afterwestfiji275x250

High Resolution Satellite Imagery

This month we are adding new High Resolution Satellite imagery with a total coverage of 13,799,276 sq km!



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The images below include: a meandering river running through the Brazilian Highlands, a metropolitan area, dunes, and an active stratovolcano on the Pacific Ring of Fire.


Southwest of Jacobina do Piauí, Brazil

Bing Maps

Cheboksary, Russia

Bing Maps

brazilian_highlands225x200 cheboksary225x200

Murzuq Desert, Southwestern Libya

Bing Maps

Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia

Bing Maps

libya225x200 SAT_Image_Russia

Additional Satellite Highlights:

Sardarshahar, India
Bing Maps

South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands,
United Kingdom overseas territory
 Bing Maps

Pitesti, Romania
 Bing Maps

Arbil, Iraq
Bing Maps


Global Ortho
High-Resolution nadir or "straight down" orthophotos taken by aircraftglobalortho_divider_550x3


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Color 1 Newly Published Global Ortho Imagery
Color 2 Published Global Ortho Imagery, United States 100% Complete, Western Europe 90% Complete

Global Ortho Imagery

Our latest release of Global Ortho imagery includes 203,271 sq km of new data! In total we have published 11,001,500 sq km covering 100% of the United States and 90% of Western Europe!


Subdivisions, Ã…hrus, Denmark

Bing Maps

Port de Monaco, Monaco, France

Bing Maps

ArthusDenmark_225x200 FR_Nice225x200

Beach near Laredo, Cantabria, Spain

Bing Maps

Wollaton Park, Nottingham, England

Bing Maps

N43W00Spain4225x200 BirminghamEngland_225x200
Additional Highlights:

Gran Zebrù Mountain, East of Bormio, Italy 
Bing Maps
Magdalena Peninsula, Santander, Spain
Bing Maps
Turning Torso Skyscraper, Malmö, Sweden 
Bing Maps
Svendborgsund Bridge, Svendborg, Denmark
Bing Maps
Innenstadt, Lübeck, Germany
Bing Maps
-The Bing Maps Team
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