Spatial Data Services: Job History & Data Source Options

New job history! Have you ever wanted to check status of your geocode and data source jobs and see what jobs you’ve run recently? Bing Spatial Data Services now makes it easy to view your job history. With the new ListJobs API , you can return a list of all geocode jobs and jobs that made changes to data sources in the last 15 days for any Bing Maps Account. Pending jobs are listed first. All you need to do is provide a Bing Maps Key from your Bing Maps Account with the following URL.

A JSON response is returned by default. Add "output(o)=xml" to return XML. Jobs that download data source data do not make changes to your data source and therefore are not part of this list.

More __Distance query parameter options. Want to simply get all your entity data plus the distance to each entity? Bing Spatial Data Services now accepts the wildcard character with the __Distance property when you Query by Area. Just specify $select=*,__Distance in your request. The distance option has also been expanded to support bounding box (rectangular region) queries. For bounding box queries, the distance returned for each entity is the distance from the center of the bounding box.

Make your data source public! Want to share your data with the world? Bing Spatial Data Services now gives you the option to make your data source public so that anyone with a Bing Maps Key can access. All you have to do is a Make a Data Source Public request as shown below. Set the setpublic parameter to true, and your data is publicly shared.$updateDataSource?setPublic=trueOrFalse&key= Insert_Your_Master_Key_Here

You can always make a data source private again by making the request again and setting the setpublic parameter to false. This parameter is also available when you Create or update your data source.

Delete selected entities with the new deleteEntity property. Want the ability to delete specific entities when you update your data source while leaving the rest of your data source intact? Bing Spatial Data Services can now incrementally delete entities when you use the __deleteEntity property in your schema and set it to 1 or true for each entity you want to remove when you update your data source.

We hope you enjoy these new features!

-The Bing Maps Team

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