New Imagery Added to Windows 8 Maps App & Bing Maps

This month we’ve added over 121 TB of satellite and Global Ortho imagery to the Windows 8 Maps app & Bing Maps, built a Hurricane Sandy map app and now feature our full spectrum of imagery daily on Facebook.         Bing Maps World Tour App to view full coverage. Our latest publication of satellite imagery includes over 15 million square kilometers of new data! This month’s delivery is a sizeable 112 TB and predominantly covers South America, Africa, Asia and Europe with some additional coverage in North America and Australia.   Lakhish Israel Al Fallujah Iraq Ertis River Zhanabet, Kazakhstan Barrage de L’Oued Fouds Atlas Mountains, Algeria The links below highlight additional satellite imagery to explore in this release. – Laguna Chacaico, Argentina – Republic of the Congo – Ambohipaky, Madagascar – Coco, Costa Rica   Shaded areas indicate 30cm Aerial imagery; yellow coverage shows the latest release. Check out the Bing Maps World Tour App to view Global Ortho Total Coverage. Our latest release of Global Ortho imagery includes 69 blocks and covers over 800,000 sq km. In total, we have published 10,777,300 square kilometers covering 100% of the United States and 83% of Western Europe! The Global Ortho project is nearing completion with only 4% remaining to be published. Inn and Danube Rivers Converging Passau, Germany Baie de la Fresnaye North of Pléboulle, France Atlantic Ocean Inlet Foz, Spain Lake of Zurich Zurich, Switzerland To learn more about the Global Ortho project please visit the below links. – Global Ortho overview – Bing Maps blog MORE HIGHLIGHTS: – Oldenburg in Holstein, Germany – Monte Corno, Italy – Vienna, Austria – City of Calais, France Windows Desktop Themes  We’ve also refreshed our Europe and U.S. desktop themes. There are now a total of 200+ images for the United States and 175+ images for Europe and the themes are compatible with both Windows 7 and Windows 8! Click the images below to explore the different desktop images.   Our new Hurricane Sandy app provides a detailed view of the destruction left in the wake of Sandy. Once weather permitted, Keystone Aerial Surveys, one of our Global Ortho flying partners, acquired over 5,368 sq km of striking high-resolution aerial imagery along the New York and New Jersey coastlines. Breezy Point, New York located on a barrier island off the southwestern coast of Long Island, was one of the places hardest hit by Hurricane Sandy. This small community suffered flooding, beach erosion, power outages and fire after the storm made landfall, as seen in the before and after images.   Breezy Point, New York BEFORE Breezy Point, New York AFTER Mantoloking, New Jersey is located on a barrier island south of Point Pleasant. As with many of the low-lying barrier islands in the NY/NJ area, the storm surge from Hurricane Sandy caused great damage. In Mantoloking the storm cut completely through the island near the main bridge access from the mainland. In the After image, you can see where emergency crews are filling the break back in with sand to keep the ocean from continuing to erode the island and to keep the ocean water out of the estuary behind it. Mantoloking, New Jersey BEFORE Mantoloking, New Jersey AFTER To view more of our Hurricane Sandy imagery: – Go to Bing Maps – Select Map Apps – Choose the Hurricane Sandy App – Use the before and after buttons to toggle between pre and post hurricane damage Disaster Relief Link Softpedia Press Link   Check out the official Bing Maps Facebook page, and LIKE it! Each week we focus on a theme to portray the imagery we have acquired. Themes captured include BASE Jumping, Solar Parks, Haunted Places, Theme Parks, Plant Mazes, Places to Hike, Breweries, Stadiums, and more! – The Bing Maps Team
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