New Hurricane Sandy app uses High-Resolution Imagery

Our new Hurricane Sandy app provides a detailed view of the destruction left in the wake of Sandy. Once weather permitted, Keystone Aerial Surveys, one of our Global Ortho flying partners, acquired over 5,368 sq km of striking high-resolution aerial imagery along the New York and New Jersey coastlines.

The area covered is depicted by the red polygon in the image below. To view more of our Hurricane Sandy imagery:

· Go to

· Select Map apps

· Choose the Hurricane Sandy app


When visiting the app, use the Before hurricane and After hurricane buttons to toggle between pre and post hurricane damage.

Hurricane Sandy Coverage zoom_550


Breezy Point, NY, located on a barrier island off the southwestern coast of Long Island, was one of the places hardest hit by Hurricane Sandy. This small community suffered flooding, beach erosion, power outages and fire after the storm made landfall, as seen in the before and after images.

Before hurricane


After hurricane


Mantoloking, New Jersey is located on a barrier island south of Point Pleasant. As with many of the low-lying barrier islands in the NY/NJ area, the storm surge from Hurricane Sandy caused great damage. In Mantoloking, the storm cut completely through the island near the main bridge access from the mainland. In the After image you can see where emergency crews are filling the break back in with sand to keep the ocean from continuing to erode the island and ocean water out of the estuary behind it.

Before hurricane


After hurricane


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– The Bing Maps Team

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