Expanded UK Transit Directions

For Bing Maps users in the UK, and those travelling in and around London for the games we are pleased to announce the availability of expanded coverage for transit directions. In partnership with TheTrainline.com we have added routes from thirty one train lines to complement our existing London Underground and bus routes.

For example, if you want to travel sans auto from London to Millennium Stadium in Cardiff to watch the Great Britain vs. Cameroon women’s football match on 28/7, just visit Bing Maps, type “London to Millennium Stadium” in the search box, then click the transit icon. Next, choose “Arrive by” and select 28/7/2012, then set the time to 15:15 and hit “Go”. Any of the three routes displayed will get you to the venue with over two hours to spare!

This is what the input will look like:


Here are the results:


Please try your favorite cross-UK routes and let us know what you think.

Joel Reiff

Bing Maps Routing Program Manager

Microsoft Corporation

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