Find Venue Maps, Businesses and Buildings Faster on Bing Maps

Today we’re excited to announce the release of a handful of updates to maps to help users navigate faster and find business, building and venue information to help you go from doing to done more quickly. Some of these features will also be available in select initial international markets. Let’s take a closer look.

Never miss a venue map again.

Did you know Bing Maps has nearly 900 venue maps including interiors maps of malls, airports, casinos and shopping districts? Well you will now because with this update, we’re making venue maps much easier to find and use. When using Bing Maps, now you can simply zoom-in into your favorite shopping mall or airport and click on its footprint to immerse yourself into it.



Las Vegas strip area featuring the venue maps of several casinos including that of the Bellagio interior

This feature will be initially available for the following markets: United States, United Kingdom, France, and Germany.

Local businesses? No problem.

Visiting a new city? Zoom-in into Bing Maps and find some of the most popular businesses in the area, including hotels, restaurants, tourist attractions, shopping centers, art galleries, ATMs, and much more.

Even if you are a local, we think you’ll find this feature useful to find grocery stores, libraries, post offices, schools, and even parking garages.

Simply click on a business name or icon and find out more details about it.


Portland’s Pearl District

This feature will be initially available for the following markets: United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, France, and Germany

3D building outlines help you navigate easier.

Ever wondered how the city looks like when using a non-aerial map? Well, Bing Maps has just added semi- transparent 3D building outlines for metropolitan areas when you zoom in far enough. This provides the user with a much better context of how the city looks like, where the key buildings and city landmarks are, and ultimately help you better orientate yourself when using Bing Maps. Look for your city!


New York’s downtown area

This feature will be initially available for the following markets: United States and select cities in the United Kingdom, Canada and France.

Zoom-in faster.

Get to the level of detail you want even faster. With this release most of the labels in Bing Maps will act as a shortcut to zoom-in to that place. Try it with states, cities, parks, neighborhoods, and many more. Clicking on a label will get to the best map view of that area quick and easy.


Clicking on Washington State label will zoom you in into the best map view of the state

This feature will be initially available for all markets except Japan.

We hope you enjoy these updates and find them useful in finding information on maps more quickly. Let us know what you think.

– Roberto Bojorquez Alfaro, Jason Willison, Philomena Lobo, and the Bing Maps Team

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