Another Bing Maps Government Solution: Microsoft Single View Platform

In today’s hectic and digital world, workers are overloaded by information management. The Microsoft Single View Platform (SVP) helps decision makers take action quicker on information that is relevant and often time sensitive by simplifying complex data and information into an easy-to-use system for all types of government workers and roles. Using a broad suite of Microsoft products, this solution is easy to implement and cost-effective, and will fit nicely into the software investments many government agencies already license today.

With so much data having a location component, Microsoft Bing Maps adds the critical visualization layer to SVP resulting in increased situational awareness for employees and more informed decision making and reporting.  With Single View Platform, workers can easily see the information that matters to them in a simple-to-consume visual way.

To learn more, read case studies, and watch demos, visit Microsoft Single View Platform.


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