Migration Tip Archive

For Multimap and MapPoint Web Service  customers, there are several blog posts from the past year that have helpful migration tips. Read the posts below to understand more about the migration process and get tips and tricks from the experts.

Bing Maps Updates—November 2011

Upgrade from Bing Maps Tokens to Keys

Updates to Bing Maps: REST API, AJAX Control v7, and Account Center

Dev Tip: Repositioning an Infobox

New Module for v7 Adds Support for Long Routes

Updates to the Bing Maps Account Center – Data Source Management

Uploading Excel Data to the Bing Spatial Data Services

Migration Tip: The Value of Spatial Data Services (SDS)

Modular Plug-in for Customizable Infobox Control

Migration Tip: Two New Store Locator Templates

Using Bing Maps with SQL Server Spatial

How to Search by Driving Time with AJAX v7, REST, and Spatial Data Services

Migration Resources Posted for Multimap Customers!

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  1. mssusa

    Sorry for I know this is not the right place, but I couldn't find a way to post this request. The aerial images in my area are very old. I put them around 5 years. Is it possible to request an update to the aerials? Riyadh, Saudi Arabia is developing way too fast. 6 months is old!

  2. The Bing Team

    @Quikboy2 Thank you for the feedback. I'll pass it on to the appropriate team.

  3. Quikboy2

    It'd be nice if Bing Maps could have transit information for the Houston area. I keep continuing having to visit your largest mapping competitor because of this lack of information. Plus auto-complete of possible addresses as I type it in, like your largest mapping competitor offers would be super helpful and faster.

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