“API Talk” highlights how Bing Maps devs create world-renowned maps

This week, Bing Maps launched a website that showcases what leading professionals and developers are saying about the state of digital mapping as it relates to the Bing Maps Platform.

Developers from the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia gathered at the 2011 Microsoft MVP conference and agreed to talk about what it is they leverage most with AJAX 7.0 and their favorite mapping APIs. We captured their insights on video, which are now available on Bing API Talk.

Featured developers include:

  • Ricky Brundritt, the 2010 King of Bing Maps
  • Brian Norman, Earthware
  • Alastair Aitchison, a3uk
  • Steve Milroy, OnTerra Systems
  • John O’Brien, Soul Solutions
  • Vivien Yang and Cleve Pasarell, Zimbio

Visit the new website to watch the developer videos, see sample code and read the latest from the Bing Community. We’ll be updating the page frequently, so stop by often.

– Bing Maps Team

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