Webcast recording showcases what’s new with Bing Maps

Bing Maps developers from Earthware, OnTerra and Infusion recently discussed Bing Maps’ latest features and development tips and tricks. The webcast aired on March 1, and is now available as a recording here<http://www.microsoft.com/maps/>.

During this fast-paced, 40-minute overview of the new Bing Maps Web Control, panelists discuss how to evaluate and improve the performance of Bing-powered mapping applications and new tools for working with SQL databases.

Earthware’s Brian Norman showed developers how to get maximum performance and speed from the Bing Maps APIs. Ricky Brundritt – developer of the TaxiFare Calculator – demonstrated how to create mapping add-ons that enhance any mapping application. Rounding out the panel, OnTerra’s Steve Milroy highlighted the new DataConnector, which allows organizations and developers to rapidly create web mapping applications that contain rich geospatial data visualization features.

Developer-friendly mapping solutions

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a seasoned developer or a beginner looking to create thier first map app. Bing Maps API backs you up with an array of useful developer resources with answers to issues that might crop up during development. Get your burning questions answered and build together in the community forums, or, open up an interactive code sample for guidance. 

The interactive V8 SDK is a great tool for developers to get familiar with everything Bing Maps API has to offer. This fun and immersive introduction to web mapping includes editable code samples for routing applications and developer-friendly features found in Visual Studio, such as intellisense. 

Get a head start on solving vehicle routing problems and build a robust mapping solution with Bing Maps API, create a free key to get started. 

–  Bing Maps Team

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