The turbo-charged, fuel-injected decision engine

This week is CES week, the annual Consumer Electronics jamboree in Vegas. This year, Hyundai and ATX are bringing a little motor show glamour to the proceedings.

You may know ATX from its vehicle response services, helping drivers out with emergency assistance and more.  ATX have relied on Bing Maps in their vehicle response centers for a while now.

Now ATX and Hyundai have partnered to get drivers connected, with off-board, voice-activated services that deliver real-time, relevant content supplied by Bing, including points of interest, addresses, restaurant ratings, gas prices, weather and more. Drivers can also use a customized Hyundai website, powered by Bing Maps, to personalize content to send across to the vehicle.

ATXG™s press release is here for more details.

And to kick off the festivities, Toyota announced Entune, their new in-vehicle multimedia system featuring Bing, read more here.

All proof that mobile™s a state of mind, not a form factor, and even your car can have a decision engine under the hood

Matthew Quinlan
Group Product Manager
Bing Maps

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