Step inside with Bing


  • Explore restaurants with full 360-degree, HD panaromic images.
  • Move inside-to-outside and room-to-room to see everything the restaurant has to offer.
  • Decide for yourself if a restaurant has the right atmosphere for a night out, a romantic dinner, or an upcoming event.

Head to to search for restaurants or try a few examples: Gennaro’s (Boston), Angelo’s & Maxies (NY), Boulevard Restaurant (SF)


  • Allow potential customers to step inside your business and explore.
  • Get professional panoramic photographers to take 360-degree panoramas of your establishment.
  • Help searchers decide for themselves and rely less on third-party testimonials for how your restaurant or business looks.

If you’re interested in adding a “step inside” experience to your business, learn more here. Not in’s local listing database? Sign up via the Local Listings Center

Disclaimer: Bing’s “Interior Views” feature requires Microsoft Silverlight to be installed. For more information and to download Silverlight, please visit

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