Bing’s new mall maps: Get in, get out, and avoid the crowds

Have you ever driven to a mall, parked at one of the big department stores, then discovered the store you needed to go to was on the other side of the mall? What about experiencing the frustration of not knowing where in the mall is the store you need and the mall directory is nowhere in sight? And with malls being extra busy now that we’re in holiday season, we’ll take anything we can get to help us get in, get out, and avoid the crowds.

With this in mind, Bing Maps is introducing mall directory maps that will help you easily navigate shopping malls and retail stores. Try one out: Roosevelt Field Mall

Bing's new mall maps: Roosevelt mall in NY 

You can use these mall maps to figure out where the right place to park is and map out your mall excursion so you don’t spend precious time walking around. Mall maps are currently accessible by clicking on the "Mall Map" link within Bing Local results (see below).

Bing's new mall maps: Gamestop

Today’s release is a preview set of malls in Seattle, Boston, and NY metro areas, including:

1. Bellevue Square, WA
2. Crossroads, WA
3. Redmond Town Center, WA
4. Shops at the Bravern, WA
5. Meridian Town Center, WA
6. North Bend Premium Outlets, WA
7. Seattle Premium Outlets, WA
8. Cascade Mall, WA
9. Everett Mall, WA
10. Kitsap Mall, WA
11. University Village, WA
12. Marketplace at Factoria, WA
13. Bellevue Place, WA
14. Lincoln Square, WA
15. North Gate Mall, WA
16. Pacific Place Mall, WA
17. Tacoma Mall, WA
18. West Field Southcenter Mall, WA
19. Southhill Mall, WA
20. Queens Center Mall, NY
21. Roosevelt Field Mall, NY
22. Chestnut Hill Mall, MA

We’ll continue to add new malls regularly, focusing on the largest malls in the US (for example, Mall of America, Palisades Center, etc) and getting deep coverage in major cities. Major incremental additions will be announced as they release.

Good luck shopping for the holidays!

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Brian Hendricks
Product Manager
Bing Maps

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  1. Home Theater Philadelphia

    Great feature…thanks bing i do not try this feature till now but it seems to be really interesting as it save our lot of time.

  2. loarabia

    Is this functionality live?

    I can click the links in the above post and get a mall map but when I search for a mall in Seattle from Bing, such as Redmond Town Center or Crossroads, I cannot figure out how to get the mall details to show.

  3. Mestolph

    K, so I hit the "back to classic" button in the Silverlight Maps area so could see this..  The setting that use to be on the home page for the classic maps to reenable the silverlight version is gone… How do I reset Silverlight as my default map view?

  4. vmrcas

    Brian will this available through the REST services?

  5. thelostagency

    Brian its a interesting idea and good use for Maps but it needs to be expanded rapidly and not just left with a few test locations and it has to be enabled on WindowsPhones

  6. JWilm

    I work for a commercial real estate company and I'm interested in these maps. Do you work in conjunction with the malls for their maps/directories or do you guys do this on your own?

  7. acyclic

    Chestnut Hill link isn't working – it's bringing me to WA. Also, searching for Chestnut Hill mall doesn't actually bring up an entry for it – searched for 'Chestnut Hill Mall' and 'Chestnut Hill Mall Newton MA.' Didn't look as though I was redirected to the SL version

  8. babonbangke

    I have the same problem where the links redirected me to the SL version of bing maps… so no luck unless if I do launch it from InPrivate session.

  9. lancewhit

    How would this work on Bing's mobile site so you can use it on a mobile device while you're in or near the mall?

  10. ankit_82

    Why don't you get Blaise Aguera and team to make a real 3D halo style walk through environment for these malls, museums etc.?

  11. NavigatorIAM

    I use the fastmall app which already does all of this and a ton more like navigate me into the mall and to the store I want to go to without any wifi or gps need.

  12. Nathanael

    This does seem like an obvious fit for the dynamic labels layer in Bing Maps Silverlight. Nice work, guys!

  13. aStack

    @Brian Hendricks

    I was being redirected to the silverlight site, but in general I use that version of Bing. I'd love to see this integrated into the Silverlight version and/or merged with the map overlay feature.

  14. Virtualawrence

    @Brian, I am being directed to the Silverlight maps. So this is not available for Silverlight I see, that's interesting. But that's why all the links in the post don't work I suppose. I opened the link in InPrivate mode (no cookies) and it works. Cool. Will we see this in Silverlight?

  15. The Bing Team

    @aStack – No, it's only available for the main site. Are you getting re-directed?

  16. aStack

    Does this feature work in the Silverlight version of Bing Maps?

  17. The Bing Team

    @Virtualawrence – Which link(s) did you try? Also, can you confirm for me that after you click the link, you're not being re-directed to……There were a few links that needed to be edited but they were fixed within 10 minutes of posting (between 10am-10:10am PST.

    @jonabad – Thanks for the feedback, glad you like it! We also appreciate the suggestions. We are doing additional work on entry points to improve discoverability within Bing result's and on our maps.

  18. jonabad

    This is pretty slick guys! Nice work!

    A suggestion is to make it easier to tell that there are maps for multiple floors and switch between them.

    It took me a few moments to figure out how to handle the floor switching.

    Second suggestion is to have the mall map come up in the main Bing search results for that mall, alongside the map of the mall's location.


  19. Virtualawrence

    Did you jump the gun on posting this? The links don't work

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