Visual Fusion 5.0 Release Adds Analytics Muscle

Microsoft Gold Partner IDV Solutions just released Visual Fusion 5.0, business intelligence software that unites data sources in a web-based, visual context for better insight and understanding.  Bing Maps has long been a focal point for data visualization in Visual Fusion, and the 5.0 release of the product takes this to the next level by adding complementary analytics right out-of-the-box.  Now business users have a tool to see their data in the full context of location, time, and analytics, each context interacting with and amplifying the others.


Business Intelligence is a growing industry and, according to most surveys, the top IT priority of executives for the next few years.  Similarly, location intelligence and data visualization have been expanding their prominence within business intelligence circles.  Visual Fusion helps to highlight the important role that Bing Maps can play across the enterprise and government in a myriad of implementations:  security, marketing, supply chain, asset tracking, operations intelligence, workforce management, commodities trading, government transparency, continuity management, counter-terrorism, situational awareness, and more.


Visual Fusion 5.0 is tightly integrated with SharePoint 2010 as well, geospatially enabling many features of the product while inheriting all the infrastructure advantages like content management, security, and workflow. 


The Visual Fusion 5.0 release has other great functionality as well.  Data authoring and editing tools are an important new feature, putting the power to create content and write back to internal data stores–right from the application interface–into the hands of authorized users.  Bing Maps becomes a fantastic canvas for adding or updating points, lines, polygons and all the attribute data surrounding those features, to SharePoint Lists, SQL Server, ArcSDE, etc.


Visual Fusion has been specifically designed for the business user, putting the power and richness of Bing Maps into their hands so that in just minutes or hours they can build out compelling visualizations that greatly enhance productivity.


Learn more about Visual Fusion from the IDV Solutions website, case studies, and demos.

Editors Note: Thank you to Scott Caulk from IDVSolutions for writing this post.

Brian Hendricks
Bing Maps Product Manager

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