New Map App: OnTerra’s “RouteSavvy” Route Optimizer

0_logo Inefficient driving routes between multiple waypoints waste time, money, and wear on people’s patience. Beginning today, Bing has set out to help reduce the stress and wasted time caused by inefficient driving routes with the launch of the “RouteSavvy” app in Bing Maps. With this route optimization map app from OnTerra, people can enter up to 100 addresses into Bing Maps and receive the optimal route between their destinations.

With the holidays quickly approaching, errands are going to quickly increase: go Christmas shopping, drop off a package at the post office, head up to the forest to pick out your Christmas tree, and then make a quick stop at the grocery store before returning home. Or maybe you are in a delivery or service industry where you have to go to tens of locations throughout the day. Whether you are going five or fifty places, the Route Planner app is a useful, unique map app that will get you from point A to Z in the shortest amount of time possible.

How it Works

The first step is to add destinations on the map. “RouteSavvy” makes it easy to quickly add a few or 100 destinations – you can click locations on the map, enter addresses manually on the left-rail, or upload an Excel file with addresses on each row. For demonstration purposes, I’ve shown eight points below. Each time you add a destination, the map auto-zooms and centers so you can see all the destinations at once.


Once your destinations are added, you select if you want a round trip, a one-way route by defining a beginning and end location, or one-way with the start/end destination optimized (based on shortest distance or time). You may also select whether to optimize for shortest distance, shortest time, or shortest time considering current traffic conditions. This begs the question “when would one never want to consider traffic?” If you are planning on using a route multiple times, you will have different routing preferences depending on the time of day, and we all know how traffic can vary.

After you generate the optimal route, you’re taken to the results tab and a green route line is drawn on the map. At lower zoom levels or when the route includes backtracking along a road, the green route line is there just to provide visual context to the optimized route. The real value comes from the left rail, where you’ll see the addresses arranged by their optimal placement on the route. Each destination has a drop down with directions, distance, and expected time between waypoints. For more than ten addresses, viewing each direction set manually can be cumbersome. To help with this, you can click on the “show in popup” button to view the entire set of directions in a format that’s easy to copy and paste.



Great for Consumers and Small Businesses Alike

I’m excited about the value this map app can bring to small businesses. General users likely have between three and ten destinations when they plan trips that could benefit from route optimization.  The value of this tool for business use is amplified when businesses may have 25 or more destinations to reach in a day. Other services only allow up to 25 waypointsconsidering the Bing app can handle up to 100, we feel that we’ll be a strong choice for businesses who need great route optimization for lots of destinations. Realtors who have multiple showings in a day, any business that does deliveries, shuttle services, technicians, and florists – just a few examples – will find this to be a great tool to make their lives easier with the “RouteSavvy” app.

Location, Location, Location

We hope you’ll enjoy using this Bing map app, and we are confident it will be a valuable tool for many of our customers. We have lots of plans with On Terra for future enhancements, so start using it today and watch this blog for updates and new features, including sending routes to mobile phones or GPS devices.

In the meantime, please enjoy this app and as always we’d love to hear what you think.

Brian Hendricks
Bing Maps Product Manager

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