Steeler Nation Comes Together on Bing Maps

Steelers_0I was reading Fox Sports this morning and noticed that the Pittsburgh Steelers are ranked number 1 in the Power Rankings as we enter the 4th week of the NFL season (and my lowly Chargers are off to another slow start ranked 18, ugh). And, with the Steelers clashing with their archrival Ravens this weekend this is as good a time as any to talk about a new app that uses Bing Maps. John Yokim is an ATS in the Microsoft field, loves his Steelers, loves Silverlight and loves Bing Maps, so of course he’s trying to further unite Steeler Nation with his new app – Pittsburgh Steelers Bar Locator.


The application visualizes the location of over 1800 “Steeler Nation Bars” across the U.S. Simply double-click on the map to re-center the map. A circle will be drawn to highlight the radius of a search for bars that support the Steel Curtain. Clicking an icon will highlight the bar and pull down the address information for the respective location. You’ll want to use the native zoom controls to zoom in and out since the double click is being overridden to re-center and search for bars. Note: this site is neither endorsed nor provided by The Pittsburgh Steelers and is simply a mashup to show off Bing Maps Silverlight Control and unite Blitzburgh via a local fan. Now, let’s see if Charlie Batch can hold it together while Roethlisberger is out.

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