Bing Maps Goes Mobile - For Free

More and more developers are choosing Bing Maps, and today there’s great news for all of you – the new Windows Phone 7 SDK features Bing Maps as its default map control. But it’s not just about Windows Phone – we’ve made Bing Maps free for you to create consumer-facing mobile applications on any platform. (For details, see the Bing Maps Mobile Terms of Use.)

If you’re new to Windows Phone development, it’s super-easy – we’ve seen reports of 3-hour-dev cycles vs. two weeks or more for similar-functioning Android builds.


Of course you can download the Windows Phone 7 SDK, or check out MSDN’s resources to learn more about the new Bing Maps Control for Windows Phone 7. (Click here to see the full Windows Phone 7 SDK news.)

REST Easy. More free options are available for other popular mobile platforms through Bing Maps REST Services.

Go Mobile Now. It’s easy to get started today. Check out our developer resources <> to see all the free ways you can create innovative mapping applications, fast.

Matthew Quinlan – Group Product Manager, Local and Mapping

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