Introducing PHP and VB .NET SDKs for Bing Maps Platform

PHP and VB .NET Code for Bing Maps now availableOver the years we’ve provided developers with tons of code samples, SDKs, interactive SDKs, external SDKs, etc., etc. Today, we’re adding to an already loaded artillery of Bing Maps SDKs by providing a new SDK for PHP developers who want to use our REST, SOAP and Spatial Data APIs. In addition to the PHP SDKs, we’ve added VB .NET code samples to our SOAP API documentation which had previously only been done in C#.

There are 3 new SDKs for you PHP Developers to start digging into:

Now, for you VB .NET Developers who haven’t felt the Bing Maps love, well, we’re bringing it to you. No more do you have to transcribe our C# samples into VB .NET. We have VB .NET code samples for your copy and pasting pleasure. Check out the Bing Maps SOAP API SDK for full VB .NET and C# samples.

Code away boys and girls.

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