And, The King of Bing Maps is…

After the judges deliberated the winners were selected. This was so big, we did a video on MSDN’s Channel 9.

The King of Bing Maps is…Ricky Brundritt, Taxi Fare Calculator

The Grand Prize-winning Map App helps locals and travelers alike by estimating the total fare and showing the quickest route. The app covers major metro areas in the United States as well as 18 more cities worldwide. Brundritt won $1,000 for his creativity.

King of Bing Maps: Taxi Fare Calculator

Second Place – Avalara, GeoSales Tax

GeoSales Tax overlays a heat map over the United States to display tax rates

King of Bing Maps: GeoSalesTax

Third Place – Infusion Development, Ricky’s Data Viewer

Data Viewer is an easy way to see data on Bing Maps without having to build anything first.

King of Bing Maps: Ricky's Data Viewer

We want to thank everyone who participated in the King of Bing Maps Challenge as well as our judges – Josh Lowensohn from CNET, Greg Sterling from Search Engine Land and Joe Francica from Directions Magazine.

Congrats, Ricky!

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