XBox Live for Windows Phone 7 Will Feature Bing Maps

With the impending release of Windows Phone 7, I’ve been working with both the Windows Phone and XNA teams on creating experiences that will involve Bing Maps. As a preview, Crackdown 2: Project Sunburst is the first game to be shown and announced to use an XNA control with Bing Maps for Windows Phone 7. Hot. The game uses Bing Maps as a backdrop for an attack and tank-like game for blowing stuff up (or protecting stuff). Here are a couple screenshots used from within the game.

I know the first question from the devs out there…does that means there will be a Bing Maps XNA control? Well, sort of. Let’s just say, it exists and we’re investigating the best way to go big with it. We are One Microsoft and the fact that the XBox team has invested time in building a control that uses Bing Maps is absolute greatness. With the massive adoption of GPS on mobile devices, you can imagine all the killer game titles we can get out there for location-based gaming. And, with all the killer imagery and data we have in Bing Maps? Plus, since it’s all tied into XBox Live we could potentially do some REALLY interesting things with location aggregation to your online account profile in the cloud. All from your phone! I’m definitely looking forward to this next generation of location-based gaming.

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