Windows Live Essential Adds Geotagging with Bing Maps

With today’s release of Windows Live Essentials Beta, one of the new features relevant to us here in the Bing Maps team is within the Windows Live Photo Gallery application in a function called geotagging. For those of you not familiar with the concept, it basically means you can add location information to a photo. This provides location context to a photo such as where the photo was taken or the ability to sort your photos by location. You can tag the photos to the fidelity of your choosing. For example, here’s of picture of me overlooking beautiful Rio de Janeiro, Brazil from under Christo Rodentor. I could specify the city or Rio, the country or Brazil or even the specific address of where the statue stands.


This is important since it will enable mapping of all these photos on Bing Maps or Windows Live. I’m not committing to that, but it’s definitely something that we could enable in the future. Also, there’s a function to publish Photosynth’s (Create Menu | More Tools | Create a Photosynth). So, from within Windows Live Photo Gallery you can select a bunch of photos and create a Photosynth that you can publish to If you geotag it, we’ll render the synth on Bing Maps – that’s already built in. I was on the beach in Ipanema and intentionally created this 360 degree panorama for building a Photosynth. I actually forgot to do it! So, I select the option to Create a Photosynth an up pops the Photosynth box to create the synth. If you preselected photos in Windows Live Photo Gallery they’ll be moved to the Photosynth box where you just need to add title, tags and description. (I’ll post this when the process is done Smile).

Download the new Windows Live Essentials Beta and start geotagging and synthing some photos! Read more about the entire release on the Inside Windows Live Blog.

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