New Bing Map App: Seattle Issues

Bing Map App: Seattle IssuesThe latest addition to the Bing Map App Gallery helps Seattlites keep The Emerald City luster intact. The new app dubbed Seattle Issues helps Seattle residents and visitors learn about current civic issues in the city such as potholes, water main breaks, traffic signal problems, graffiti, and other issues that affect how people in Seattle experience the city. Note: This app is powered by – a website encouraging residents to become active citizens in taking care of and improving their city by seeing a non-emergency issue in their neighborhood, opening a ticket on the SCF site, and commenting on when the issue is resolved.

Bing Map App: Seattle Issues

The Seattle Issues map app is a viewer into the current state of affairs as reported on Select an issue on the left or on the map to view the location and brief description of the report. You can click through the link to get additional details about the issue. To report an issue, you can click through to’s Report an Issue page. is not limited to Seattle.

So, make it your civic responsibility to report issues! Get the pot hole fixed. Get sewers unclogged. Get those eyesores in your neighborhood removed by further escalating the issue via Bing and SeeClickFix! Hey, it’s your city and you have to live in it. With resources and finances constrained in the public sector, city officials see this as the ultimate way to feed information back into officials to raise awareness, prioritize cleanup efforts and fix the issues that plague us in our daily lives. While crews routinely check roads and fix water mains, it’s up to you to report those issues that are bothering YOU. So, report it! If you have an issue in your neighborhood the power is now in your hands to get it fixed.

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