Data Connector: SQL Server 2008 Spatial & Bing Maps

Data Connector for SQL Server 2008 and Bing Maps For those of you who read my blog, by now I’m sure you are all too aware of SQL Server 2008’s spatial capabilities. If you’re not up to speed with the spatial data support in SQL Server 2008, I suggest you read up on it via the SQL Server site. Now, with the adoption of spatial into SQL Server 2008 there are a lot of questions around Bing Maps rendering support. Since we are one Microsoft I’m sure you heard the announcement of SQL Server 2008 R2 Reporting Services natively supporting Bing Maps. Okay, so let’s complete the cycle. Now, I want more than just Reporting Services – I want access to all those spatial methods natively built into SQL Server 2008. I want to access the geography and geometry spatial data types for rendering on to the Bing Maps Silverlight Control. Enter, the Data Connector. OnTerra has created an simple, open source way to complete the full cycle of importing data into SQL Server 2008 and rendering onto Bing Maps as point, lines and polygons. Data Connector is available now on CodePlex, so go get it.

DataConnector for SQL Server 2008 and Bing Maps


Do you know what this means??? It means with only a few configurations (and basically no coding) you can pull all of your wonderful geo-data out of SQL Server 2008 and render it onto Bing Maps Platform! You get to tweak the functions for colors and all that jazz; but, holy smokes this will save you a bunch of time in development. Okay, so using SQL Server 2008 as your database for normal data, also gets you free spatial support and now you have a simple way to visualize and visually analyze all of the information coming out of the database. Did you know that SQL Server 2008 Express (you know, the free desktop version of SQL Server 2008) has spatial support. Did you know that we launched SQL Server 2008 into Windows Azure calling it SQL Azure? So, if you’re moving to the cloud out of the server farm you have access to all the spatial methods in SQL Server 2008 from the Windows Azure cloud. Any way you want to slice and dice the data we have you covered – desktop, server, cloud; and, Bing Maps with the Data Connector is now ready to easily bring all the SQL Server 2008 data to life without any other software, webware or middleware needed!

Oh, and we have a HUGE Bing Maps booth at the ESRI User Conference going on RIGHT NOW in San Diego. If you’re there, stop by and chat it up with some of the Bing Maps boys. Wish I was there. Also, a reminder that Bing Maps (and OnTerra) are at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference, so if you’re there stop by and talk shop with them too.

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