Microsoft Research and NASA Add Mars to WorldWide Telescope and Bing Maps

Today the Microsoft Research team behind WorldWide Telescope added the much anticipated Mars imagery from NASA. Microsoft Research and NASA are providing an entirely new experience to users of the WorldWide Telescope, which will allow visitors to interact with and explore our solar system like never before. Viewers can now take exclusive interactive tours of the Red Planet, hear directly from NASA scientists, and view and explore the most complete, highest-resolution coverage of Mars available. To experience Mars up close, Microsoft and NASA encourage viewers to download the new WWT|Mars experience. Read the full press release.

The beauty of this is that the Bing WorldWide Telescope Map App has been updated with the new imagery, as well. This means users of Bing Maps can immediately enjoy the new imagery of the Red Planet from within their browser via our Silverlight site. Navigate to the Silverlight site, click the "Map Apps" button, Select the "WorldWide Telescope" map app. Once it loads, select "Mars" from the Collections list and you can see a bunch of options for viewing the photos.

Worldwide Telescope Mars Imagery in Bing Maps

The Mars imagery is out of this world. 😉

So, this Bing Map App is hard to beat, but it’s not in the running for being the King of Bing Maps. Throw your hat in the ring and exchange it for a crown!

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