Bing Maps Keyboard Shortcuts

It’s Friday. The sun is shining in Seattle and I’m personally coming out from under a set of dark clouds that has covered me for the last 6 weeks. I’m in a good mood suddenly and feel a few quips coming on, so figured I’d post something on the light side to satiate your technical hunger while keeping the information interesting and useful. So, why not document the keyboard shortcuts we support on Bing Maps (both AJAX and Silverlight)? I’m actually more of a keyboard than mouse kinda guy, so there’s a vested interest in getting this out there for those of you who feel the same. Now, put down your mouse and try these on Bing Maps.


Zoom in:    +, =

Zoom out: -,_

Pan: Arrow keys

Change Map Styles:

Road: r

Aerial no labels: a

Aerial with Labels: h

Oblique no labels: b

Oblique with labels: o


Zoom in:    +, =

Zoom out: -,_

Pan: Arrow keys

Happy sunny, Friday everyone! If it’s not sunny where you, ironically, you’re welcome to come to Seattle anytime.

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